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#leadersconnect is a community where you will keep growing together with business and self-made leaders around the world.

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I'm Sebastian – Your  Leadership Mentor

Do you want to go from good to outstanding?

Would you like to develop and grow so that you and your team can break through to the next level?

Are you stuck in crisis mode and need help moving forward, or experiencing pain points you aren’t sure how to work through?

As a leadership mentor, I provide support to you and your team in order to improve, expand, advance, and inspire.

Join me on the journey of exceptional leadership! 


We Live in a Time of


Instability and unpredictability in events and outcomes; change is prevalent and planning for the future is difficult


Factors and issues that complicate and confuse, sometimes interdependently


Digital transformation of businesses through technologies that destroy and recreate value propositions


Distraction caused by an overflow of communication that steals attention from the important elements of business and life


Mistrust and lack of clarity of available information which create confusion and conflict


Constantly changing game; pressure to adapt all the time

"A leader is someone who takes responsibility for himself and his life, who has the courage to stand in front and go out even when it is stormy outside."

Sebastian Schieke

Attributes of a Great Leader


Moves past the ordinary with ideas that are future-focused, revolutionary, risk-taking, innovative, inspiring


Attentive to the vision/task at hand, others, and themselves


Understands and cares about the motivation of others and what others need


Enthusiastic and courageous toward achieving audacious goals, overcoming challenges and even turning failures into opportunities


Anticipates, prepares for and responds to change with flexibility, optimism and a growth mindset


Strong in mind, body and spirit—exhibiting unbeatable energy and vigor

Meet Sebastian, your Leadership Mentor


Sebastian Schieke has fought hard as an innovative entrepreneur excelling at digital forward and out-of-the-box thinking for 25 years. He has grown under the guidance of top players in the personal development world. 

Sebastian is a driving force for positive change supporting entrepreneurs and business executives in reaching the next level.

Read more about Sebastian here.

"Sebastian provided us significant impulses in our corporate financial strategies as a digital enthusiast and coach. [...] He was a great help! "

Michael Kamsteeg

"I Was Thrilled. The World Needs Great Thinkers And Great Thoughts In Order To Tackle The Phenomenal Challenges Of This Time And The Future."

Rainer Morita
International Job Search Coach and Hidden Job Market Expert

"It Was An Extremely Emotional, Touching, Appealing Presentation That Simply Reached Me."

Dr. Marion Bourgeois
Excellence Coach & Speaker

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