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International Mindset - German Efficiency

What is
Sebastian Schieke & Company?

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Our formula is simple:

Resilient Leaders +
High-Performance Teams =

Constant Growth

Our Formula is simple:


Resilient Leaders +
High-Performance Teams =

Constant Growth


The Resilient Leader - 
CEO Mentoring

Leading a company - especially considering the external circumstances - is never a task to take lightly. Being resilient does help to accept change and failure, as they are part of every endeavor. 

Start becoming the resilient leader you need to be to thrive in any environment!

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High-Performance Teams

No entrepreneur can thrive alone. You need high-performance teams, so your company can grow and thrive while providing value for your customers on a daily basis. 

High-Performance Teams start with the understanding and communication of every single employee. 

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Erin Fisher
Sebastian's seasoned expertise, along with practical advice, saved our company $87,000 in our first 60 min. online meeting - very impressive! We're excited to work with him on data-driven Team Performance analytics and development for our high-growth companies in our Engineering Approach to Marketing, and also in the health and wellness industry!
Erin Fisher
Co-Founder and CEO - Mint CRO
Sebastian provided executive advice to Wai and run a company-wide development program for our management team and all 200+ employees. He aligned our globally distributed team and helped us shape our vision. With his approach, we created a personal development plan for all employees helping them to unleash their true potential as outstanding professionals. Thanks, Sebastian for the groundbreaking work.
Omkar Choudhari
Co-Founder and CTO - WAi Technoclogies
If you are serious about growing your business, having high-performance growth, a great strategy, and a great team behind you that will allow you to achieve new heights and reach the things that you didn't think were even possible, then you need to be booking in a conversation with Sebastian. I cannot recommend him highly enough! All over the world, this is the go-to man, and believe me, I know lots of people in this space. Book yourself in for a call. You will not be disappointed, you will be highly impressed.
Phil Pelucha
Chairman - Billionaires in Boxers

Why Sebastian Schieke & Company?

The short answer:

Because we're a safe bet!

The long answer:

Are we the best in everything we do?
Probably not. 
Are we good at what we do? Yes!

Our approach uses data for the deepest possible understanding before we propose changes. 

Our CEO mentoring starts with data, and our team challenges start with... data.

Without data, consulting becomes a guessing game. 


Just as Sebastian's Mentor Jim Rohn said: 

"If you want things to change, you need to change. If you want things to be better, you need to be better." 


And based on this philosophy, we're trying to change and become better - and we're helping you to do the same. 

This is why you should consider working with us!