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AI Business Mastery - 200% Efficiency Boost in 90 Days

A transformative program for Coaches, Consultants and Trainers. Increase your productivity by 200%, which will result in revenue growth!

Stay relevant with an AI-enabled business.


Transform Your Business in 90 Days

ChatGPT Mastery

Harness the Power of AI for Business Innovation and Growth

Next-Gen Leads

Increase your Flow of Quality Leads and Improve Conversion Rates

Sales Bot

Create a Sales Bot that Effortlessly Sells Your Services Around the Clock


Automate to Save Time, Cost and Increase Efficiency


ChatGPT Mastery

Unlock Advanced ChatGPT Skills Without Overcomplicating Workflows or Compromising on Quality and Reliability

ChatGPT Cheat Sheet

AI Business Mastery

AI Business Mastery: Your Path to Exponential Growth.

  • Boost Revenue by 20% with AI Strategy.
  • Transform Sales with 24/7 AI Bots.
  • Achieve Sustainable Business Success.

More than a Program — Your AI Business Roadmap

AI Business Mastery Roadmap


Sebastian's approach to innovation is not just about adopting new technologies such as AI; it's about reshaping the way we think about business and leadership in the digital age. His insights and strategies are consistently forward-thinking, making him a valuable asset in any professional setting. What's particularly impressive about Sebastian is his skill in making complex, cutting-edge concepts accessible and relevant, even to the younger generation. He has an exceptional talent for opening eyes to the potential of AI and future technologies, not just as tools, but as catalysts for transformative change.
CEO - Fuxam
Deborah Canja
Sebastian’s unique ability to blend AI insights with practical coaching techniques have provided invaluable support in my professional journey. His guidance has been instrumental in helping me navigate the complex intersection of innovative leadership and technology. What sets Sebastian apart is his deep understanding of both the technical aspects of AI and the human elements of coaching. Not every tech expert is a good teacher. Sebastian’s ability to do both allows him to offer advice and strategies that are not only technologically sound, but which are also understandable, empathetic and tailored to individual needs.
Deborah Canja
CEO - Bridges4Kids

About Me


I’m Sebastian Schieke. I designed AI Business Mastery because I believe in transformative business growth through AI integration. My journey, from founding 7-figure businesses to mentoring CEOs, has endowed me with real-world insights essential for navigating today's fast-paced, tech-driven business environment. At AI Business Mastery, I will empower you with AI-driven strategies, focusing on growth, efficiency, and mental well-being. Our mission is to help coaches, consultants and trainers to leverage AI, not just for survival, but to thrive and lead in their industries. If you’re ready to embrace AI as a cornerstone for success, join us and transform your business approach in this AI era.

Program Faq’s

Got questions about AI Business Mastery? We've got you covered. Dive into our FAQs. Here, you'll find clear, concise answers to the most frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs like yourself. We're here to clarify, guide, and ensure you have all the information you need about our program.

What is AI Business Mastery
AI Business Mastery is an innovative program designed specifically for Consultants, Coaches, and Trainers. It's a powerful system that enables you to increase your productivity by 200% and build an AI-ready business in just 90 days.
Our program addresses common challenges like the fear of being replaced by AI, the overwhelm of the growing AI industry, and the perceived complexity of AI integration, ensuring you achieve sustainable business success. If you're looking for a clear and predictable roadmap to success, AI Business Mastery is your answer.

How does it work?

Our program is built on three key pillars: Commitment, Clarity, and Confidence.

  • Commitment: You need to be fully dedicated and motivated to achieve your goals. Without commitment, lasting change is impossible.
  • Clarity: Our program provides a proven system, eliminating the need for endless searching and confusion. We offer a straightforward path from Point A to Point B.
  • Confidence: With dedicated support and coaching, we customize our roadmap to fit your unique situation, keeping you accountable and maintaining momentum.

Remember, we're in this together. If you're looking to enhance your client base with an AI-ready business, we offer the guidance and support you need to succeed.



How is this different from other things I have tried?

Great question! If you're reading this, there's a high chance you've invested considerable time and resources in trying to boost your productivity by 200%. You've probably explored numerous ads, absorbed a wealth of blogs and videos, and bought various courses, all promising to help you maintain your edge in a rapidly evolving market.

Like many entrepreneurs, you might have even made significant investments in coaches and specialized products, all targeting a revenue increase with AI. However, you're likely here because you're still facing challenges like the pressure to implement AI swiftly, unexpected competitors like ChatGPT, or feeling overwhelmed by the rapidly changing business landscape. Does this resonate with you?

The root issue might be that you haven't been following a comprehensive system or roadmap, one that comprehensively addresses all the necessary steps in the right order for achieving a significant client base increase with an AI-ready business.

Instead of getting lost in a sea of information, our AI Business Mastery Coaching provides a clear, step-by-step path to help you effectively reach your goals.


How do I know if this will work for me?
Having helped numerous Consultants, Coaches, and Trainers, our methods are fine-tuned to near perfection. The best way to determine how AI Business Mastery can specifically benefit you is by discussing your unique background and needs. We invite you to book a short call with us to pinpoint the exact steps that will lead you to your goals.

Start your journey with us!