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Welcome to the unshakeable entrepreneur Community

Lead your Life, Master your Business!



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Hi, Welcome to our Community! 👋


I'm Sebastian Schieke, a mentor for entrepreneurs living in Frankfurt, Germany. 

I’m passionate about helping business owners navigate their way through the challenges of owning a business, so that they can become financially stable and successful. That’s why I worked hard to create an agency fully devoted to helping others master the concepts of business.

Today, I’m building this community to help overworked, misguided, confused business owners become unshakeable entrepreneurs capable of overcoming any challenge.



Why You Should Join Us

Navigating the trials of business is challenging at the best of times, and nearly impossible at the worst. But thankfully, you’re not alone – growing and overcoming challenges in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs makes this daunting task doable.
We at Sebastian Schieke & Company are fully devoted to helping you solve any challenges you face, while transforming you into an entrepreneur capable of taking on any uphill task.

  • The proven process stems from Sebastian’s personal experiences and challenges, which helped him become a grounded leader, and owner of multiple businesses.

  • His exclusive knowledge and mentalities have helped transform countless other entrepreneurs that have gone on to become successful business leaders in countless different countries.

  • As part of our community, you can also expect to be first when we announce new programs and opportunities for you to grow further as well as the one or other spontaneous live session with Sebastian.

A Big Thanks

Business is all about making connections with good people, and thanks to the countless entrepreneurs that have placed their faith in the team at Sebastian Schieke, the firm has been able to forge incredible connections and change the lives of many.

With that being said, the team at Sebastian Schieke would like to give genuine appreciate to all of those who have worked with them in the past, and those who will do so in the future. To many years of good health, wealth, and brighter days!