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About Sebastian



Hi, I'm Sebastian.
I'm here to help you lead - your life and your business!

You might be wondering - what makes me an expert in leadership?

Let me tell you a bit of my story: 



Growing up in East Germany, my world had clear and strict borders. It wasn’t until my family moved to West Germany after the reunification that my eyes were opened. I learned that, be it literal or metaphorical, life without borders is full of possibilities.

In the early 1990s, I made my way into IT, which was perfect timing. Technology was fundamentally changing business and society, and I was blessed with seemingly endless freelance work projects.

As the amount of work grew, I hired other people and started my own company. Business was growing, the market booming, staff increasing and still more projects were coming in.

What more could I ask for in life? I made it!

That is, until the work dried up.  


Very quickly our niche market took a nose-dive. Many projects were postponed or completely canceled because the market changed and we were not ready for it. Sales plummeted. 

No projects, no clients. Yet, I still had a company full of staff who were waiting for their paychecks.

While the market was draining my company, all of this was draining me inside. Suddenly, I was not only a businessman struggling in the sinking market, I was also a confused guy who found himself constantly in conflict with others—as well as with himself.

Then I realized: I wanted to do more than just survive this crisis. It was my job to LEAD my team through the dark time.

That's when I was introduced to the world of Personal
Development—and it changed everything. 


Soon I discovered what true leadership really means in life and in business. From small steps like keeping a healthy diet, to evaluating and optimizing my goals, Personal Development shaped me into a more effective leader and an all-around better person. 

I’ve learned to be a driving force for positive change. 

That’s the story of how I got started, but it’s only the beginning! Since then, I’ve been applying what I learned to become successful in a variety of areas. 

Primarily, I applied these techniques as I turned my business around and grew even more successful. Currently, I’m running two companies while I act as an investor and business angel for others. But I don’t do it alone—I’ve built a strong team of leaders who work with me to empower, inspire and innovate. 

Now, it’s my desire to help others through the same process. To teach leaders to LEAD, whether pulling through in hard times or growing in good times. 


Now that you’ve heard my story, maybe now you’re wondering what this is all about.
Why would I be willing to help you, a stranger, develop in leadership?

The answer is simple: because I know what you’re going through and I care about you. 

Are you an executive who is good at your job but not sure how to bring your business forward? 
Are you a driven entrepreneur, trying to achieve something bigger than yourself? 
Are you the kick-ass player who's now stuck in the game? 

I want to help those who seek to elevate their game. Because I was just like you - I was that person who needed to have the leader inside woken up.

Someone who needed to be ready for sunshine or storms ahead in order to lead himself and his team to success.

Someone who needed to be fearless. And now I AM. 

But I’m not just fearless. I also have the knowledge and experience.

I’ve learned from THE Personal Development gurus of our time, in person.

And I have worked with fast-paced, mid-to-large size corporations and banks for the past 25 years. 

Now, I’ve developed my own system. I’ve tested everything on myself first -- and I would love the opportunity to teach it to you. 
If it suits you, that’s great! If it doesn’t work perfectly for you, don’t worry. I will guide you along the way to develop the unique system that is JUST FOR YOU.

So, what are you waiting for?

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